Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Electronic Item - 16

Item Code : MA591CH/A
 Description : 1 Set Iphone4 3G/3GS Dock Connector 
                                     to USB Cable                                       
Packing : Color Box
Clearance Price : RM15.00+ RM 5.00(postage) Total RM20.00(EM)

Electronic Item - 15

Item Code : VZ-NA2198
Description : 1 Set Notebook Accessories Set (15 items)                                       
Packing : Color Box
Clearance Price : RM65.00 + RM 10.00(postage) Total RM75.00(EM)
Details Items :
(1)LCD Screen Cleaning Kit
                        (2)Transparent Laptop Skin
                        (3)USB Printer Cable 1.5 meter
                        (4)USD 2.0 4 Port Hub
                        (5)Multi Purpose Marker Straps
                        (6)Network LAN Cable 1.0 meter
                        (7)Universal Keyboard Protector
                        (8)Portable USB Cooling Pad
                        (9)DVD Holder Bag
                        (10)Nonslip Backing Washable Mouse Pad
                        (11)Mini USB 2.0 Card Reader
                        (12)CD-R Disc
                        (13)USB Optical Mouse
                        (14)Multimedia Headset With Microphone
                        (15)DVD-R Disc